The Nehemiah Project

We are inviting you to participate in a church-wide facility stewardship project.
In Nehemiah 3, we discover that the plan for rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem included the involvement of the entire community. They built walls and gates. They built doorways. They made repairs. They provided security. Everyone had something they could contribute.
We have an old building in need of lots of TLC. Walls that need paint, stairways that need cleaning, doors that need to be repaired, carpet stains that need to be removed. We believe it is time for all of us to partner together in accomplishing these projects.
A number of projects  and tasks in and around the facilities that could be championed by individuals, families, small groups, or ministry teams from within our church family. We would like to invite our entire SAC family to assume responsibility for some carefully and clearly defined projects. But...we need your help!
During Phase 1 of this project the SAC Staff, ministry leaders, and the Board of Elders have been compiling  a "to do" list and we are welcoming your input regarding additional tasks that could be included. Are you or your ministry team aware of a project? Please submit it below. More information on Phase 2 (project administration and completion) will be coming soon!

Submit a Project