It's FALL!

Well… it’s officially FALL, and that means a WHOLE BUNCH OF GREAT THINGS are happening at Surrey Alliance Church!  Here are some of the highlights! KIDS 96 AVENUE KIDS is starting with renewed... Read More  


Live For Him: A Journey Through Philippians

On September 28 Pastor Byron began to take us on a Journey through the Book of Philippians - a book about Christ in our life, Christ in our mind, Christ as our goal, Christ as our strength, and joy through... Read More  


Parables of Jesus - August Sermon Series

Jesus was the greatest story teller who ever lived.  It’s been estimated that 1/3 of his teachings are parables.  Join us this August as we zero in on some of these stories to see what they mean for... Read More  



Not too long ago, my kids asked me, “Dad, are we rich?”  How would you answer that question?  What if, when the Bible addresses rich people, it’s speaking to you and me?  Know that... Read More  


Join us for an "Unscripted Conversation"

Join Pastor Byron for an "Unscripted Conversation" this Sunday, June 1st at 10:30am.  The mic will be open and the script tossed aside.  Come and hear or speak... you won't regret this time together! Since... Read More  


The Greatest Story. Ever.

The story of the "Prodigal Son" in Luke 15, is perhaps the greatest story that Jesus ever told. Properly re-titled as "Two Lost Sons", this story outlines the two ways that we try and achieve our own salvation - by... Read More  


New LIFE GROUPS are starting!

New LIFE GROUPS are forming to run during the months of April/May (8-week DVD-based starter-study). You'll have the opportunity to get connected to others while learning what it's like to be a part of a... Read More  


Nightshift Video

What is great about Nightshift is that Surrey Alliance is just one of many churches working together for the sake of the gospel here in Surrey! Check out this video on NightShift Street Ministries:... Read More  


This is Vancouver

This short documentary surveys the spiritual climate of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in general.  And as a church in Metro Vancouver this helps us to further understand the spiritual climate in which we... Read More